Terra Trulock's Family Photos

Trulock 1

Picture taken 1997 (from L to R): 

Bottom row: Parker Trulock, Denise Trulock (by marriage), Noah Trulock, Lorraine Young Trulock (by Marriage) holding Tyler Trulock, Trent Trulock, Norma Hornbrook Trulock (by marriage ...my mom), James Trulock (deceased...my dad), ME, Sandy Trulock Racinski (my sister), Mike Racinski (her husband).

Back row:  James Trulock II (my older brother), Owen Trulock (his son), and John Trulock (my younger brother). 

Missing:  Edward S. Bauman (my son), Robby Crouse (my husband), Theresa Crouse (my stepdaughter)



John Trulock

The 2nd sitting guy from the right is my grandfather, John Russell Trulock, composer, saxophone, and clarinet player.  This is a (partial) picture of the Indiana jazz band he was in while performing in Tampa, Fl. where they were playing, probably circa 1930's or 1940's.  I think the band was called The Peacocks or The Royal Peacocks.  They are mentioned in a book called "The Jazz Bands of Indiana".